Luxury Scented Candles

Your guide to choosing the right scented candle

Scented candles smell so good. That’s why burning a scented candle like our Sweet Grapefruit Candle at home is a very easy way to fill the home with a pleasant scent that makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable.
The fragrance evokes memories. Coconut-scented candles will take you back to a luxurious beach holiday and you’ll think of the woods when you smell balsam fir.
A scented candle is so warm and welcoming, whether you are alone at home, with your loved one, or with friends, you will need to choose one.
When choosing candles, there are a few things to keep in mind. While every person has their own set of preferences, here’s our expert guide to choosing the right scented candle.

1. Pick your Preferred Scent Group & Choice First
To begin your selection, determine which scent category your favorite scents belong to. Your favorite scent should match your style, character, and also, inspire or relax your mood perfectly.

2. Choose the Purpose of the Candle
Before choosing a scented candle, determine if you will use it to enhance your mood, for relaxation, to create an ambiance, or to mask odors within your space.
The ingredients of the candle will affect the mood it evokes-think lavender for relaxation. Also, a few scented candles set on the dinner table will help create a romantic ambiance. However, since you’ll be dining, ensure the scent compliments your meal, or else it will be too uncomfortable. Honey and cinnamon are a good choice.
Citrus scents are perfect for masking odors, especially in bathrooms, leaving them smelling fresh! You can also go for odor-neutralizing candles.
If the fragrance from your candle is too strong for your liking, consider pairing it up with unscented candles which power down its intensity.

3. Consider your Lifestyle
If you have a vegan lifestyle, avoid candles made of paraffin wax or beeswax as they tend to have animal fat in their composition. Instead, pick soy candles, and pick organic plant fragrances as well.

4. Consider your Space
You always want to consider where you will be burning your scented candles. The overall use, mood, and general size of the room will determine the kind of scented candles to buy.
Large spaces require bolder scents since lighter scents may be lost in the air. If the room is smaller, a gentler scent is preferable since bolder scents will overpower the room. Also, fresh and clean scents work well in kitchens while relaxing scents for bedrooms.
Ideally, pick a scent that matches the mood of the intended room.

5. Match the Season
Matching your candle scent with the current season will help inject the outdoor vibe in.
Spring calls for fresh and floral scents while citrus and coconut scents inject the tropical summery vibe indoors. Woody and spicy scents also add warmth and coziness into the room during cold winters.
Remember, the quality of the scented candle matters as they fragrance the room perfectly!
Scented candles are unquestionably one of the quickest ways to create an ambiance, and add a warm glow to any space. At GD Candles, we offer the best luxurious scented candles that always elevate the ambiance!