the elements you need to create a luxurious home gdcandles

The Elements you need to create a Luxurious Home

If you’re looking for ways on how to lavishly upgrade your space, whether on a budget or not, you’ve come to the right place.

But first, realize that a luxurious home starts with a neutral color scheme that creates a calming atmosphere. No wonder many luxurious homes feature a very neutral color palette that allows for injecting of other preferred bold accents, if need be. Do this by giving your walls a fresh lick of neutral paint- think white, cream white, or off-white.

To anchor the space, create an accent wall a deeper and dramatic accent wall.

Also, bring in new furniture if you have the budget for it, or upgrade the old knobs, and handles for a quick upgrade. Consider upgrading your textiles as well, including the sofa fabrics, throw pillows, and rugs. Now you’re set!

With a neutral base, colorful accents can take center stage, and you can now add these elements to create a luxurious home of your dreams:

1. Large-scale Art

A quick way to dress boring walls is by hanging a statement piece of art. Unique art pieces can make your home look more luxurious so pick great choices, and make sure you vary the sizes for a more artistic effect.

In fact, you can create a gallery wall which can acts as a focal point, whilst spark a conversation.

2. Stylish Window Treatments

Take your walls from drab to fab by using floor-to-ceiling drapes or curtains. They help draw the eye upwards, enhancing the visual height of your space. This illusion of higher ceilings results in a grander feel.

3. A Statement Lighting Fixture

A stunning chandelier always makes a statement! So, you want to create a focal point by hanging a statement lighting fixture, preferably one with metallic accents, that also elevates you space by adding a little bit of glitz and glam.

4. Use Stand-out Mirrors

They make your space look larger as they tend to reflect light hence, increasing the visual space. Hang a sunburst mirror in your living room or a large round mirror in your entryway. A mirror wall is also a great choice!

5. Create Surface Vignettes

Never leave your surfaces blank and wanting; instead, decorate your furniture surfaces to give your home a new, more lavish look. 

Use impactful accessories and display them in cute vignettes over a console table, a coffee table or bar cart. They can include cute lamps, antiques, flowers, sculptures, and coffee table books. But perhaps our favorite is a beautiful luxurious candle in a stand! This is perfect for the living room or dining room table, and even your bedside.

6. Fragrance Your Home

No matter the effort you put in transforming your home, for a more luxurious look, bad smell is enough to ruin any room. Get rid of bad smell and odor by using houseplants, displaying fresh flowers on your tables, and opening up the windows to bring in fresh air and doors.

Also, consider using scented candles. At GD Candles, we have an amazing variety of fruity scents like Sparkling Strawberry, floral scents like Vera Wang or relaxing scents like Lime and Coconut. No matter your preferred choice of home scents, we have a personalized candle for you.

Simply set a tranquil scene in your bedroom by trying rich calming and relaxing scents like lavender or rose. Jasmine and sandalwood are also good scents for a romantic atmosphere. Your bathroom is another perfect room for relaxation! Enjoy the spa scents from a scented candle particularly, vanilla or lavender for a glorious bath-time treat. If you’re in Sydney, Australia, get you luxury scented candles from GD Candles!