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Celebrating the Month of Mary – The Meaning, Traditions and who people around the world commemorate during this month

In the Catholic Church, the month of May is considered the Month of Mary. The Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated during this month because of her Solemnity as a long-standing Catholic tradition.

The Meaning & Significance

Catholics do not worship Mary; rather, she is honored and venerated as the mother of Jesus, our Lord- she has a unique role in the salvation history indeed. Also, she followed and assisted Christ in His mission on earth, and endured seeing Him die on the cross. Mother Mary is also honored for she advocates and intercedes for us.

She is considered our Mother, for, through her, we earned divine life and receive our Savior Jesus Christ.

Thus, a “May Altar” is erected in most Catholic churches and homes with a statue or image of Mary, flowers, and religious candles, from the 1st of May to the 31st of May as a reminder of Mary’s role in the life of the church’ and all Catholics at large.

Traditions to Observe during the Month of Mary

1. Put up an Image of Mary

Put up the image of Mary, either as a painting, statue or image in your home or you can even create a Mary garden in your yard to serve as a visual reminder and create a quiet place for prayers.

2. Flower the Mary Statue

May is the month when the world is at its most beautiful in the springtime. So, gather up fresh flowers and decorate the statue of Mary in your home.

Take it further by using religious candles to adorn the statue of Holy Mary, also, for use during prayer time.

3. Participate in May Crownings

In Catholic churches, May crownings are usually done. In a small procession, prayers are recited as a flower crown is placed on the head of the statue of Mary.

4. Prayer of Consecration

The best way to start your morning is by offering a prayer of consecration through the immaculate heart of Mary, to our Lord Jesus. Consecrate your home and family at large, as well.

5. Pray the Rosary

Consider purchasing a rosary for your child, and together as a family, pray the rosary together. Learn how to pray the Rosary here.

In addition to the rosary, several Marian prayers, such as the Memorare, Hail Holy Queen, Magnificat, and The Angelus, can be recited during this month. Print them out or buy a prayer book to have on hand.

6. Readings on Mary

You can also read Bible passages on Mary together as a family, to help inform doctrine.

7. Do Works of Charity

Just like Mother Mary who followed and assisted Christ in His mission, take time to engage in kind works of mercy to your community, for instance, visiting a nursing home, the sick or elderly as well.

Happy Month of Mary!